Targeted wave lengths promote flowering, fruit and leaf growth.
Energy efficient, compared to fluorescent grow lights, LED grow lights reduce energy costs.
Widely used, apply to the gardening, family balcony seeding/breeding, especially when the plant needs extra light.
Promote flowering, fruit and leaf growth
Make the flowers bloom bigger, the colors are brighter, and increase the ornamental.Increase the number and size of flower buds and bear more fruits.
Energy efficient
Suitable for both household and large-scale planting.
Model No. Wattage(w) Input Voltage(v) PPF Beam Angle Size(mm) Working Temp. Cap Base
PG-A60 7W 220V-240V 10 umol/s 120° 60*113 -20-40℃ E27
PG-A60 9W 220V-240V 10 umol/s 120° 60*118 -20-40℃ E27

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