Easy installation, with standard E14/ E27/G24 base.
Energy saving and cost saving.
Wide applications, suitable for candelabra, chandelier, fridge light, ceiling fan, appliance, wall lamp, bed lamp, office, reading room, hallway, bar, hotel, etc.
Model Wattage(w) BASE VOLTAGE SIZE(mm) LM CRI
Stick 7W E14/E27 100-240/220-240V φ40*113/40*117 700 80
Stick 9W E27 100-240/220-240V φ40*117 900 80
Stick 12W E27 100-240/220-240V φ40*125 1200 80
Stick 14W E27 100-240/220-240V φ40*125 1400 80

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